Insurance Bad Faith is a legal term that describes a claim that an insured person may have against their own insurance company for its bad acts. Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure. This duty is often referred to as the “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” which automatically exists by operation of law in every insurance contract. It now, also, exists by legislative statute.

When you enter into an insurance contract, you pay either monthly or yearly. In exchange for your payments, the insurance company provides coverage for you (whether that is medical expenses, auto coverage, etc.)

In some cases, insurance companies do not pay insurance claims in a timely manner, and in some other cases, the insurance company will deny a claim altogether.

Insurance Company Denies a Valid Claim Lawyer

When an insurance company denies a valid claim, you may find yourself without anywhere else to turn. In these cases you may need an insurance bad faith lawyer. Fortunately, Colorado recognizes that insurance policy holders are vulnerable to their insurers, and that they depend upon their insurance companies to pay valid claims in a timely manner. When an insurer unreasonably denies an insurance claim, or delays payment, Colorado law allows the insured person to file an insurance bad faith legal claim.

Injury attorney Steve Ray understands the importance of seeking compensation when an insurer refuses to pay a valid claim. Our Northern Colorado firm prides itself as a “Pathfinder for Injured People.” Let us navigate you toward the financial compensation you deserve.

Call our Fort Collins Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer today if:

  • Your insurance company does not investigate your claim in a prompt and timely manner.
  • A settlement has not been offered within a reasonable amount of time once the investigation is complete.
  • You are experiencing delay in any payments concerning a settlement.
  • Your insurance carrier has not informed you of additional benefits.
  • You feel you have been exposed to any type of fraud or harassment during the investigation on the part of the insurance company.
  • You feel your insurance company has been hiding information from you, the insured.
  • Your insurance provider has not been following the regular procedures within the claims manual.
  • Your insurance provider has altered any form of the insurance policy without your knowledge.

We understand you may also be experiencing emotional distress. This is also something that we can help you resolve as it is accepted as a part of insurance bad faith. Call our Fort Collins law firm today.