Fort Collins Aviation Accident Lawyers

Fort Collins Aviation accident attorneys

U.S. registered civil aircrafts were involved in 1,500 accidents, of which 275 were fatal accidents resulting in 470 fatalities in recent years. If a person is injured or killed in an airplane accident, a lawsuit may be brought to recover damages from those responsible for causing the accident.

Who might be legally responsible for an airplane crash?

  • The pilot(s)
  • The airline(s) involved
  • The owner of the aircraft
  • The manufacturer of the aircraft
  • The aircraft maintenance provider
  • The government (air traffic controllers and weather services)
  • Airport operators

Steve Ray of Steve Ray Law, PLLC is a licensed commercial pilot  and has handled negligence cases related to airplanes for 35 years. If you or someone you love was involved in an airplane accident, call our aviation accident attorney today.