The number of incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect are increasing, and there have been a number of these tragic cases that took place in the Fort Collins area.

Those of us with elderly parents or other relatives who are unable to live on their own carefully select a nursing home that we believe will provide the level of care, comfort, and professional medical treatment that our loved ones need. It comes as a shock to discover that a loved one has been abused or neglected while under the care of the facility.

Advocates for Nursing Home Residents in Fort Collins

All nursing home residents deserve to be treated with compassion, sensitivity, and respect. Sadly, this is not what happens in too many cases. Attorney Steve Ray is an established advocate for victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes, and urges you to contact our Northern Colorado law firm immediately if your loved one has been a victim, or if you even suspect it.

Contact us today for a free consultation and claim review if you think you need a nursing home abuse lawyer. Our firm is a pathfinder for injured people. Let us navigate you toward the financial compensation you and your loved ones deserve.