Happy holidays from Steve Ray Law, Colorado's top rated law firm

The attorneys at the offices of Steve Ray Law, PLLC, would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

As an experienced injury law firm based here in Fort Collins, we have seen firsthand how tragic a holiday auto accident can be. We urge your family to be careful this year when navigating heavily trafficked and icy roads.

Tips for Safety When Driving This Holiday Season

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is one of the worst for car accidents. The high rate of crashes can likely be attributed to two factors:

First, the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays are the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year, as the U.S. Department of Transportation reports. In fact, during the Christmas-New Year’s holiday period, the number of long-distance trips increases by about 23 percent.

Second, the reality is that there is a tremendous surge in drunk drivers on the road. Drivers are much more likely to get in their vehicles while intoxicated during holidays like New Year’s than they are during other times of the year.

Of course, in Fort Collins, there is also often snow and ice on the road, making driving conditions that much more dangerous.

This year, you can improve your chances of avoiding a Fort Collins accident by following these easy tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and ready for the journey.
  • Plan your route in advance.
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid driving while fatigued.
  • Never drink and drive. Instead, have a designated driver ready.
  • Keep your distance from swerving or erratic vehicles.
  • Avoid driving in inclement weather if at all possible.

We Hope You Have a Safe Holiday with Family and Friends

This year, we encourage you to have a nice, hot meal with your family and friends, give thanks and gratitude to your loved ones and those within your community and take time to appreciate the holiday season and all of the beauty that comes with it.

If you can, please try to spend some time volunteering this season for those less fortunate than you. Also, make a trip through Fort Collins to enjoy the numerous holiday light displays.

If something does happen to you this holiday season, and you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, our attorneys can represent you.

As former Marines, we understand the value of hard work when it comes to defending the rights of others. We will handle your claim with care and compassion. We are two attorneys who are invested in the community in which we live and the people within it.

If you are in a car accident this holiday season or suffer another type of personal injury, please do not hesitate to call our law offices.

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